In our hurried world, we can sometimes forget to thank God for those special people He’s placed in our lives. Maybe it’s a friend who’s always there when you need a shoulder or one who seems to make you laugh, even on the darkest of days. Is there a neighbor who makes the time to help when there is a need? Thank Him for allowing your life to be touched by these friends. Thank Him for the important role they each play in your life. Thank Him for calling you His friend. Ask Him how you can express your gratitude in a unique way to those who positively impact your life. If you need friendship, thank God in advance for sending someone special your way. Ask Him to remove the barrier that has prevented the gift of authentic, lifelong friendship in your life.

John 15:12-15, Romans 12:10, Ecclesiastes 4:9-10

Write: Think about the 5 closest friends God has given you. Spend time today praying intentionally over these people. Send them a text or a little note in the mail to encourage them in their week.